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Try a Completely Risk-Free Subscription to Lee bellinger’s

Off Grid Confidential and Get 9 Must-Read Reports and a

90% Pure Silver Christopher Columbus Coin


YES, LEE! enter my fully guaranteed risk-free trial subscription to Off Grid Confidential for one year (12 information-packed issues)... steeply discounted to just 1 payment of $79 — a whopping 43% savings to me). And send me all 9 subscriber-only reports — and the soon-to-be-banned 90% Silver Christopher Columbus Coin. Full retail value is $392.95. You pay only $79.


INVESTMENT ALERT! Profit from China’s Mineral War Against the Green Energy Revolution With China (retail value, $35).


YOUR BROKER WILL BE SPEECHLESS — The Great Investment Secret That Camouflages Itself as Reality (retail value, $29).


Cloak of Invisibility: Eight Secrets That Can Help Get You Off the IRS’ Radar and Prevent You From Becoming an Audit Target (retail value, $19.95).


The 10 Most Common Blunders Pro-Liberty Americans Make During Unexpected Encounters With the U.S. Legal System (retail value, $39).


113 Words and Phrases to Never, Ever Use on Google At Risk of Eventual Imprisonment (retail value, $29).


REFUSE TO BE SPIED ON — 21 Cutting Edge Strategies for Spy-Proofing Your Privacy and Private Information from Corporations (retail value, $35).


Safe at Home, No Matter What: 17 Ways to Make Your Home a Fortress (retail value, $23). c MUST-READ — Five Extremely Rare Far Eastern Substances for Weathering Today’s

“Era of Strange Foreign Diseases” (retail value, $35).


Establish Your Own Personal Prescription Drug Backup Supply — Without Breaking the Law

(retail value, $39).

Investing Today 2023 (Subscription delivered by mail only)

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