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ABOUT Off Grid Confidential

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Lee Bellinger is publisher of Off-Grid Confidential, a monthly private financial advisory founded as Independent Living.

Lee's non-internet information service focuses on privacy-centered financial and legal planning, asset protection strategies, low profile living advice, and critical guidance on private medical care strategies.
Off-Grid Confidential focuses on health breakthroughs, regulatory and governmental threats.

Lee entered the private client publishing field in 1988, through the purchase of American Sentinel newsletter from Phillips Publishing. Lee ran a pro-SDI “peace shield” resolution campaign in state legislatures throughout the USA, including Guam and was recognized by the White House in 1987 for his contribution.

Before that, he worked as a legislative assistant to Congressman Toby Roth of Wisconsin and then freshman House Republican Dan Coats. The areas he covered included taxes, science and technology, and intelligence. Lee is a 1983 graduate of Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Lee Bellinger is inventor of the popular PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup System. He does significant research into the nation's power grid reliability issues and publishes the web newsletter GridWatch. Independent Living is noted for its successful predictions. In February 1998, Lee published a front page illustrated prediction story on the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists.

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