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The Bellinger Report 5/10/21


Hi, I'm Lee Bellinger Editor of Off Grid Confidential. I've been publishing continuously since 1988 we show our readers how to protect their freedoms, assets, privacy, wealth and health from geometrically increasing threats.

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Dear Mr. Bellinger, Mostly I am very impressed with the thoroughness of you reporting, but my Off-Grid Confidential for this Sept. fails to mention the lithium deposits in the Salton Sea and Nevada that will be recovered using geothermal energy and evaporative processes rather than destructive hard rock mining. These deposits are huge and are totally withiin the U.S.-not some foreign land. With regard to rare earths, coal mining tailings are rich sources and universities in W. Va., Va. and industrial companies are working on evaluating and developing commercial retrieval of these secure rare earth deposits. Bumbling sell-out bureacrats-a long list of Republicans, Democrats and just plain thieves have grossly mis-managed our country's resources and future. Will Rogers …

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