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The Bellinger Report 5/14/21


Hi, I'm Lee Bellinger Editor of Off Grid Confidential. I've been publishing continuously since 1988 we show our readers how to protect their freedoms, assets, privacy, wealth and health from geometrically increasing threats.

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This is my first time here, after reading an article by Lee Bellinger in the Epoch Times (Feb 9-15 2022 issue, page A14). My comments are in response to his article:

It is very disappointing to see such blatant mathematical illiteracy in the Epoch Times. Bellinger states that “today’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries are 40 times less dense …“ Frankly, his claim is ABSURD.

If A is 5 times larger than B, that does NOT mean that B is 5 times smaller than A. B would be 1⁄5 as large as A, or 0.2 times as large as A.

“One time” equals 1X, equals 100%; that’s ALL there is. So one time less (or 100% less) equals ZERO.


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